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1st attempt to recon.....bad

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Re: 1st attempt to recon.....bad

Duncanrr wrote:

navigatethis12 wrote:

Chase will not approve if you have lates less than a year old; that is what an analyst told my brother anyway. I would suggest waiting until January, otherwise you may get stuck with a $500 limit like many others have gotten.

That's not accurate. In early September I was instantly approved for Chase Amazon Visa for 2k CL and then approved for Freedom 3 days later after successful recon. i had a long string of lates on my CR. my last late was March 2012.  I did have a very successful recon and I told her about every single aspect of my CRs and detailed that while my CR says I was late that I had bank records that show I've paid the note every month since August. I gavther the dates/amounts of each payment and she was impressed. So the Amazon was approved without having to do this and they didn't kick me dour to lates. I had to recon freedom because it was soon after my amazon app. 

And that why you were approved. If you have no explanation for the lates and they are legit they will deny you.


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Re: 1st attempt to recon.....bad

Op's best bet is to wait until discover starts reporting and attempt GW on the lates in the mean time. Your late is still too recent and is a score/decision killer
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Re: 1st attempt to recon.....bad

@LS2982. That would be true for freedom but that doesn't explain instant approval for Amazon visa. Additionally, Freedom app didn't pull any other CR. (they pulled EX and EQ for amazon). The CSR specifically said recon was necessary since I had just a couple days prior apped for another chase product.

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Re: 1st attempt to recon.....bad

I think Chase Amazon is easier to get approved for than Freedom, IMO. It's like the ZYNC of Chase.The terms aren't really that great and they don't really have any decent offers..other than the Amazon gift card incentive.

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