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2 years Citi BBVisa: CLI, App for new or Garden?

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2 years Citi BBVisa: CLI, App for new or Garden?

My second oldest card: Citi BBVisa, is now 2 years old.  Never late payment, $0 reported balance,

After 2 CLI’s (never declined), current CL = $11K

Currently eligible for another CLI.. but a CLI will cost a HP for sure (As this forum says & confirmed by phone with CSR).  If that’s the case, would it be wiser to simultaneous app for new Citi product at the same time of the CLI request? [like maybe Double Cash card ?] 


Note:  CSR says CL is not eligible for tranfer to new Citi product outside of BB  products (which I have no interest in).



(A)  Keeping Inquiries minimal (and old) as I am soon to app for a Business Line of credit;

(B) If going to app for another CC, do I really want Citibank card.. when eligible for majority of cards ?


Data points:

EQ-FICO =746; TR-FICO = 764;  EX-FICO = 756


Tradelines total = 7

  5 revolvers / CL:

  •   Merrick Bank Visa (secured) - $2k
  •   Citi BB Visa - $11K
  •   Amex BCE -  $5k
  •   Amex EDP - $24k (azeo)
  •   Disco IT chrome - $7K

1 charge:

  •   Amex Plat

1 Installment:

  •   Alliant

CC apps = 4/24

AAoA = 18Mo

AoOA = 3yr 3Mo

Revolving util = 11%-13%  | AZEO card util = 23%

2 Inquiries

  1 - Equifax. - Citibank, Best B, - Sept ’18

  0 - TransUnion - n/a

  1 - Experian - Discover - Sept ’18


No baddies

No public records

Oldest card is Merrick Bank secured

Never had any store cards


Amex Plat | Amex EDP $24,000 | Citi BestBuy Visa $11,000 | Chase Freedom $7500 | Discover IT $7500 | Amex BCE $5,000 | Merrick Bank Visa $2000 | Alliant SSL
Starting Score: Fico 8: EQ 721 TU 742 EX 736
Current Score: Fico 8: EQ 746 TU 764 EX 756
Goal Score: Fico 8: EQ 750+ TU 760 EX 750+

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Re: 2 years Citi BBVisa: CLI, App for new or Garden?

Unless you need more for BestBuy i would concentrate elsewhere for your limit. With your stats, you will be golden for many cards you wish to pursue.
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