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22% to 9.9% with cap one

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22% to 9.9% with cap one

all from just calling the backdoor


thank you myfico

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Re: 22% to 9.9% with cap one

How did you get that done?  I'd really like to give that a whirl!

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Re: 22% to 9.9% with cap one

I have a cap one platinum that has been open since 2000. Never had a late payment but I have hit the max ceiling CL at $2900


So I called today to see if I could get a venture card or something but a no go. He then without asking, offered the interest rate reduction which I thought was a nice treat.

too bad though I just paid off the card and dont plan on carrying a balance.


Plan to wait till 2012 and apply for a better card that has more flexibility as this has really been a rebuilders card for me.

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Re: 22% to 9.9% with cap one

I called Cap 1 last week to see what my interest rate was, and I was surprised when they told me 21%!...I never realized it was this high because I usually PIF, however I asked if there was any way to lower this and she said no not permanently, but she did give me a promotion of 5% for 12 months on purchases, and then it will go back up to the previous amount..I was very thankful and accepted, however I still will be paying this in full, but nice to know she was willing to do something for me...has anyone else experienced temporary ones like this?



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