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24k CL on Amex Blue!

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Re: 24k CL on Amex Blue!

rebuilding wrote:


she's a keeper! Smiley Wink

Back to rebuilding (whose thread this is!):

Congrats! You're right, definitely a keeper! That will be a great boost to you in building up your own credit. What have you got left to clean up (repair), or are you now in the rebuilding stage?
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Re: 24k CL on Amex Blue!

rebuilding wrote:
she's a keeper!  Smiley Wink

Did you mean the card?  The GF (soon to be DW)?  Or BOTH!!Smiley WinkSmiley Very Happy
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Re: 24k CL on Amex Blue!

i dont want to burst your bubble..Didn't i see somewhere on this forum that AU wont count on the new 2008  FICO model? im sure if you search it you will find what im talkin about
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Re: 24k CL on Amex Blue!

both chiwiseguy!!  Smiley Tongue
Thanks hauling...  I just have one more med collection that should be falling off anyday.. the OC has sent the CA a letter to have it removed and I faxed the letter to experian (the only remaining CRA still reporting  it)  so hope to see that fall off soon. thanks to the whychat letters!!  you can see I have made significant progress in my signature below, and have only been seriously attacking this credit thing for about two months now...
Then I have a tax lien I am fighting with the IRS about that will have aged 2 years next month..
I know about the FICO '08 thing, thats why I mentioned it in the first post!!  Smiley Wink  but From everything I hear and read nobody is expecting that to kick in anytime soon, so might as well enjoy it while I can and see if I can't build some credit in the meantime!
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