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28 Point FICO Drop....

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Re: 28 Point FICO Drop....

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So keep it open then?  My FICO credit report says my credit history is 12 years, but no info about AAoA, thanks for that suggestion though I hadn't thought about that.  I'm recovering from a BK back in 2011 so getting a Discover Card and a FICO above 650 was kind of satisfying, seeing the drop crushed those dreams Smiley Indifferent If 3 to 6 months will help though that's fine with me, I plan to pay the balances off my other cards and use the discover exclusively for a while. 

Also paying your bal down on credit cards will raise your score as your uti goes down! The best way to get a max score is only carry a small bal on 1 card...  1-9% uti


Edit: pay before statements cuts on all but 1! Also you can pay on the one but leave a small bal

I know this's very correct because many people have experiment. but i was a bit confused here:


When you say "carry a balance", do you mean carry it thru statement cut or due date? I assume you guys are talking about the balance on statement. But I guess the term of "carrying balance" means carry it thru due date in formal way。 Anyone please?

Think of it like this 

Statement date= when balance will be reported to you and CB's 

Due Date=When you must pay in full before any interest is charged (PIF date)

Also the card that you carry the  bal. On ........As soon as the statement cuts you can pay it off too.

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