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3 Recon Letters sent out today

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3 Recon Letters sent out today

Today, I decided to send recon letters to Macys, JC penneys and HSBC as they all denied me for reasons I hoped they would get over.
1.Macys denied me for too many inquiries but they were my 4 application so I am hoping they decide to give me a lil love.
2. J C Penneys- I think I got denied for the same reason.
3. HSBC- was preappoved and then got denied for having too many HSBC accts. I thought this was pretty bogus as they seem to say that to people with 1 acct and people with 5 accts.
Its not costing me anything but 3 stamps and so I shall see what happens. I will keep everyone updated.

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Re: 3 Recon Letters sent out today

I know Hsbc pulls tht junk they did the same thing to me I was prequailfied and then denied all in the same hour lol.... so I dont want anything from HSBC ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im only dealing with other companies that allow you to have more than one card! Good luck with Pennys and Macys!!! I heard macys is a good card to have and its dual with Dillards!!!!
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