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3rd NFCU card stats?

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3rd NFCU card stats?

I’m looking to add a 3rd NFCU card. My first have CL of 12.7k & 18k. I’m really hoping for 20k. Interested to see what everyone’s 3rd card limits look like in relation to their 1st & 2nd cards. Also how far apart did you get them.

I’m really interested in a 0% bal transfer all cards have it w/in 60 days or just the Platinum? Can I get a 2nd Plat?

Yes, I’ve read all 800+ pages on the NFCU thread at some point. It’s difficult to piece this info requested together.
RBFCU Premier $25K, Sam’s Club MC $25K, Citi Exec WEMC $34K, Alliant Signature $20K, SSFCU $20K, Cap1 Venture $20K, Employer CU LOC $20K, Navy GoRewards $18K, 2nd NFCU Plat $14.7K, Citi Simplicity $18.2K, PenFed Power Cash $10K, PenFed PLOC $10k, Navy Platinum $12.7K, SMG $10K, PenFed Promise $12K, Total Rewards $8.5K, Discover It $2.5K, Discover It $2K, Cap One QS1 $850, Overstock $32K
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Re: 3rd NFCU card stats?

Just picked up my 3rd card... and it's my 2nd Platinum... so yes, you can have two Platinums.


Platinum #1 October of 2017, can't remember starting line, now at $10,500.

Cash Rewards January of 2018, starting line $10,000.

Platinum #2 December 2018, starting line $25,000.


I believe that NFCU will offer BTs on all cards...shortly after the first of the year.  The Platinum generally has them when you open the account as well.

12/01/21 Fico 8: EX 746, EQ 766, TU 760.
11/03/21 Fico 9: EX 745, EQ 758, TU No idea.

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