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5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

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5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

I find myself in a dilemma with this card...


So, they keep sending me targeted mail - I am pre-approved with them - but debating on getting it.


I "WANT" the card because they are offering a $350 cash back bonus with $1500 spend in 90 days - which is easily obtainable for me - given I spend at least 3K across my credit cards.  Besides that, the website seems outdated and the card/bank, I guess, is not a major player in the credit card market.


I don't know - is a HP worth $350?  Probably know - but, it's temptiing.


I've already got over 50K in available credit from six cards - so, I feel like that's a good mix for me - but, I don't know.



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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

If you can use the money, why not go for it. 


People usually apply for the AMEX BCP which comes with a $200 bonus...and it is a HP.

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

I guess for me, it's a card I'll get, and use only to get the $350 - and then, prob. never use it again.


My daily driver is my BarclayCard Rewards Mastercard - which has treated me well over the years.

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

That's significantly better than their standard $100 for $1000 offer.  A lot of people have benchmarks for their sign-up bonuses; $350 is pretty good.  Do you have other cards that give you that kind of return on restaurants, gas, grocery, and drug stores?  What does your spend look like in those categories?  Personally, I will no longer apply for a card unless it meets my longer term goals (which for me can include combining into another existing card) with a few exceptions I can think of (100k Marriott offer comes to mind but I'm over 5/24).  With the cap on the 3% restaurants, it's not as good a card as it could be since that's really only $60 a year more than a 2% card if you maxed it out each quarter.


For me, yes $350 would be worth a HP, but having a new account may not be worth $350 to me.  Fifth Third isn't a huge player in credit card lending, but they are massive in credit card processing.  Don't let the low-tech look make you think they're a small bank - they have well over $100 billion in assets.

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

Thanks for the reply.


I don't eat out at restaurant much to make much benefit to the extra reward for that category - it's just the $350.00 that I'm after.  I figure I already have the six cards that I "need" - but, I mean, who doesn't like "free" money?  Like I said, my Barclays is my daily driver - and earned well over $1500 in rewards from them over the past three years (like I said, I average around 3500/4000 a month on my cards - that are paid in full).


Gah - decisions decisions.

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

Go for it. That is a better cash back signup bonus than anything else out there right now that I can find.
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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

I offered some suggestion in my own approval thread for you.


Best of Luck to you for a reasonable outcome.


I went cold turkey route with my app but then haven't seen any offers on my end either like what's floating around for some forum members here.

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

That is one of the best if not best sign-up bonuses out there for that level of spend.. I have the card, wish i would of waited a few more weeks for that offer as I saw them SP'ing my TU prior to me applying and in turn getting approved for the card.. Didn't notice the SP's until after I got the card.. Sigh.. lol.  Live and learn

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Re: 5/3 Bank - Trio Credit Card

This is strangely interesting on this end.


I closed a Trio but only because it used to be a Platinum that i actually liked and had since 2014 but no room for a CLI.


So no way any offer came with that change.


Now tons of folks are getting really sweet sign ups for it.

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