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5% Gas Card

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5% Gas Card

Just ran across the "Ducks Unlimited" visa card by First Bankcard, unlimited 5% cashback for gas purchases and sporting goods stores and 1% everywhere else ($25 min redemption), no AF.


Since it's issued by the same lender that also issues the NRA Complete Rewards I'm assuming the rewards program works similarly . Anyone have any experience apping or having this card? Might be a good alternative if you don't want to get the NRA card or the Fort Knox card? Plus, I personally would be happy to see some of my spending go to supporting wetlands conservation. 


Anyway, thought I'd ask and see if there's any feedback. 

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Re: 5% Gas Card

The card has been around for a bit, and it used to belong to Discover. 

Gardening until...

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Re: 5% Gas Card

Seems like it was only recently switched to the same rewards structure as the NRA card though. Threads from 2015 mentioned it only had a straight 1% CB. 

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