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$5 credit for paperless statements from Chase Freedom

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Re: $5 credit for paperless statements from Chase Freedom

coldnmn wrote:

enxinas wrote:

Feather_Hat wrote:

aww pity for me because i am already in enrolled in paperless ....

i could buy TWO ICE CREAMS with $5 !

I could buy 5 - 10 ramen noodles with that! Smiley Happy

AHHH! The breakfast, dinner and supper of college ! Smiley Embarassed

Heck yeah! I'm a collge student, and I'm broke (not really, just frugal haha)

@omni: Dang that's really cheap. Wehre do you live?? My college convienience store sells it for a buck each.. Ramen prices here in Cali varies where you go lol

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