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A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

Has anyone gotten a non secured card after bankruptcy chapter 7.  I am about one year out of discharge.  I have obtained one small non-secured card with HSBC limit of $300.  I am looking for another but I do not want to start randomly applying.  and no, First Premier Bank.  They take advantage of people who had a credit problem


Thanks in advance.

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Re: A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

I was able to get and unsecred Orchard Bank with less than a scores were in the 550 range.  The annual fee is like, $80 but it was so worth it!
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Re: A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

Without any comment to the fees, CL's, CS, etc, I am aware of the following CC's that cater to bad credit, including post BK:


1.  Orchard

2.  First Premiere

3.  Credit One



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Re: A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

I like Orchard for a rebuilder (it's my mantra).  It has a decent interest rate and AF.  FP and Credit one are in a different realm on both of those issues. 

Orchard is an HSBC product and HSBC sometimes like to see 18 months between opening new (HSBC) cards.

How long has it been since you opened HSBC?  Consider waiting 12 months before apping for your second card.

And, I have to ask, why do you want a second card?  You only need one bank card - which you have - to keep the FICO gods happy. Sometimes when we're rebuilding we're overly anxious to acquire new credit or new cards.  You're probably doing just fine! 

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Re: A non secured credit card after bankruptcy

I was out of discharge for 20 months when I decided to get my first post-BK card (Juniper, September 2007).  I suppose I could have apped for an unsecured card earlier but wanted to have a nice, steady income and a well-fed piggy bank before I did so; I also never apped for a secured card because, in the year or so after being discharged, I was barely able to do more than make ends meet so I didn't have much money to tie up in a secured card.


I don't know if you've checked this thread or not ("BK Friendly Credit Cards"):


I applied for--and got--two of the cards mentioned in that thread (the Walmart Discover Card in May '08 and the Cabela's Visa in October '08).


I agree that First Premier is one bank to avoid.  Others I wouldn't touch with a 39½ foot pole:


  • Imagine Gold - issued by First Bank of Delaware
  • Continental Finance - issued by First Bank of Delaware
  • Centennial Gold - issued by First Premier Bank
  • Salute Visa - issued by Urban Trust Bank
  • Total Visa - issued by Plains Commerce Bank
  • Credit One Bank
  • Aspire Visa
  • Access Visa
  • Applied Card Bank/Cross Country Bank - They are the worst; usually when I receive an app from them I send a letter featuring a picture of Vince McMahon or Gordon Ramsay with profane language underneath it, and send that in the postage-paid envelope they give you.


Good luck with your continuing credit rebuilding efforts.

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