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AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

It does code 3x with my Vet but yeah it’s a bummer it doesn’t code 3x for the pet insurance. Even when I had a “real” pet insurance (Trupanion) it only codes 1x points. Pet boarding codes 3x points.

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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

Here you go- hope you’re not sorry you asked:
I’m not an expert on the card. The first time I applied (11-2017) I was rejected. I was really sad when I was rejected for this card Smiley Sad.
I had an Overstock Card at that time. That was my only other Comenity card but I closed it in good standing after 14 months in May 2018. So when I applied the second time I didn’t have any Comenity cards but I had the history of one closed satisfactory account. The second and most recent time I applied I tried to apply from the link at the AKC internet store but the site wasn’t working. This seems to happen a lot. It lets you fill out the entire app and then says -sorry we can’t complete it! I ended up calling in the application instead. I was told if I was approved for the card I would receive it in 7 to 10 days (I was positive they would decline me). They will not let you know if you were approved or not when you apply over the phone. If you complete the online application (if it is working) you might get an instant decision. I have read sad stories about people being approved for this card only to have it shut down shortly after they get it. I was wondering if maybe the instant approval’s later go to full underwriting and then the approval gets overruled. That’s just something I’ve wondered about -I have no proof of this but it made me think that perhaps it’s a good idea to do the app over the phone to make sure it goes through the full underwriting process before it’s approved. I’d rather get a “no” than a “yes” followed by a shutdown for sure! I believe in most of the cases of the shut downs the people had multiple Comenity store cards and then added the AKC card and/or other Comenity bank cards. I have also read that if you get approved for this card you should wait awhile before you apply for anything else. I believe it’s one the harder Comenity cards to get and that they might not like too many recent accounts or inquires. They have both a platinum and signature version of this card. If you are approved for 5K or more you get the signature version. When I applied they hard pulled Experian and soft pulled Equifax. My Experian FICO 8 was 123. My Equifax FICO 8 was 710.
The “The Price you pay for credit” letter from Comenity regarding this approval listed my credit score as 778 out of 300-850 based on Experian data. I have MyFico 3B monitoring and I have no idea where they got that score because it matches nothing on my reports. I believe that the score is one that Comenity computes itself. The reasons they gave me for not getting the lowest interest rate (I got the middle one) were as follows :
Lack of real estate secured loan information
Oldest bankcard was opened too recently (it was opened 05/2016)
Too many accounts recently opened and
Too many inquiries.
So I think that these are the things that Comenity looks at when they are underwriting.
My data was as follows:
New accounts in last 6 mo: 1
New accounts last year: 6 or 7 (opened Care Credit in January and it’s listed twice).
New accounts last 2 years: 13 or 14
HP’s at time of app:
Last year -5
Last six months - 3
Last year - 4
Last six months- 3
I got a 10.5K limit which is just a tiny bit higher than my average credit limit.
I have a discharged bankruptcy from 7/2016.
I have pretty high income.
I think most approvals I have seen were about 7K but I also think I’ve seen $2K once or twice. Someone else might know better about this. I know there are others here who know more about getting approved for this card and the probable limits than I do. I hope this helps!
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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

@GApeachy wrote:

@Hex wrote:

I'm trying to find out ahead of time if it will have the correct code



I'll ask my dil...she runs a vet.  DS just got the care credit card so I'll try to get info. on both. This is Hoover, I call him DashDawg...He likes riding on dash of Motorhome.  He is a true cross-eyed dog....he walks like mush mouth ( a little jive in his step) and bumps into everything. He's a rescue, got him the day I got my leg cast removed and could drive.  I looked at him for a week online at the Humane Society.  His daddy died, old man, he wouldn't eat, bit everyone.  I walked in a said, I'm here to adopt Hoover.  They said he could not be adopted he's too aggressive.  I talked the trainer into bringing him into the private room. She said, don't talk, sit still on this sofa and let him approach you.  She let him in, I said, Come here Hoover!  He jumped in my lap, crying, licking my chin, we hugged....I dang near cried.  I got up, carried out front, he sat on counter while I filled out paper work.  The trainer said we were a match made in week later they call, for the old man's wife to make sure Hoover was fine.  Then they called again one month later.  The old man's wife was so happy and me too!  The old man named him Hoover after the vacuum cleaner.  My DH calls him Herbie Hoov.  

Herbert Hoover: #31Herbert Hoover: #31

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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?



Yep, I figured he was named after Pres. Hoover too but the trainer said (his wife told her this) he named Hoover after the vacuum cause he followed him around eating everything he spilled onto the floor.

Hoover aka Herbie Hoov.jpg

You got a sweet sl, that's more than my two combined!  Btw, great read...I enjoyed it thoroughly. thanks for posting.

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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

He’s so cute! I love those partially folded ears! There’s not much in the world that can make you happier than a dog. Smiley Happy
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Re: AKC Visa card and pet insurance?

You can look up the Visa Merchant Code for any company here:


most vets code as 742, (though a store/place of business can have multiple codes) I think that’s the number Comenity will be looking for to give you the 3%

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