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AMEX $50 to spend $1K in 6 mos to add AU offer

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AMEX $50 to spend $1K in 6 mos to add AU offer

We got offers to add an authorized user our BCP and Cash Magnet to get $50 to spend $1000 within 6 months using the AU's card. We were planning on adding our son to some cards as an AU like we did our daughter a few years anyway, so this works out nicely. 
That will essentially be 11% cashback on the BCP and 6.5% on the CM up to $1K in each. 

It looks like our son will be buying quite a bit of groceries and fuel later in coming months! 😂😂70F6E775-6A6E-4D31-A0EB-905D12F37DE3.jpeg






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