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AMEX Authorized User Reporting Dilema

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AMEX Authorized User Reporting Dilema

I signed up my brother as an authorized user yesterday on my amex, but today he changed his mind and didn't want it to show up on his credit report.  When I signed him up, I did not provide a SSN or his current address.  Also used the name he goes by, not his given name (i.e. Ronnie instead of Ronald, Harry instead of Harold, etc).  I did provide the correct birth date.


Anyone know if this will show up on his credit report, or have a guess as to the chances this will show up?  The address I provided was my current address, which he has never lived at.  So basically they have correct D.O.B., my address (and not his), no SSN, shortened first name, and correct last name.  Both the first and last name are common names.


If I call and have the card canceled today, do you think they can catch it before it goes out or will it get reported and then show up as canceled?

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Re: AMEX Authorized User Reporting Dilema

Hi rocknroll,




DH is an AU on DD's card.  Different address.  It showed up on his CR within about 6 weeks.  For some folks its much faster.


I don't know about the shortened first name you used for your brother, though. 


I'd give AmEx a call and ask them to take him off as an AU.  They'll clarify any info about whether the card will still go out or not.

Then if it does show up on his CR, dispute it with the CRA as "not mine."


Once someone is removed as an AU, the account no longer shows up on their report.  And again, if it does, simply dispute it as "not mine."


Hope that helps!

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Re: AMEX Authorized User Reporting Dilema

Thanks for the info on your situation with the DH.  Did you provide SSN for him?


I will call later today, and my thinking is that if I remove them as an AU, then it might not ever get reported.  My guess is that there's a monthly sweet to report everything to the CRA's, and if the card gets added, then removed before a sweept they won't ever see it.  Is this logical?

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