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I understand that whenever you get an additional AMEX card, it will show up on the same year as the first account opened

So if i opened the first one in January 2012 and my second one is in March 2014, it will show up as March 2012 right ?


Now the question is like that?

I just started building credit in May 2012 (this year) and i plan to apply in December for an AMEX so i can still make it a 2012 year.

Now my question is how will my 2nd card backdate ?   Lets say i get another card in January 2014. Will it backdate to December 2012 or January 2012 ? i understood it goes to the same month but in the opening year, but technically January 2012 i wasn't a member yet, so will it just go on December 2012 ?

If it goes to January 2012 how does it make sense on my credit report? I just got my social in March 2012.

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If you get a 2nd card in January, 2014, it will report a start date of 1/12. Even though you didn't have any cards until December 2012. Many of us have cards backdated to before Amex even offered revolvers. It is just a quirk of their system.

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Welcome to the USA!
Amex backdating procedures are just as you describe them. If you apply in December 2012 and get approved for the card, you are going to be in their system as "member since 2012" . Little perk which then allows you to backdate future approvals in January 2014 to actually show up in your reports as opened in January 2012 (as if you had had that card even before the first one you got). thus, increasing your aaoa significantly.
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yes this is the logic. 

im in the same boat. 


the day you apply and app is approved is the day your member since 


i apped on 8/30 and my card says meber since august of '12

so when i app in jan '14 all my inq will be gone or about 1 1/2 years old and will fall off that summer. 


and when im approved it should say on the new card and cr's member since jan of '12


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Im definitely App'n for a Zync before the end of this year, so I can start being an Amex 2012 member

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