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AMEX BCE and a general question

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Re: AMEX BCE and a general question

Actually those are more than enough cards.  Are they been used regularly?


In any case, from a credit growing perspective, you next goals should be to get your average and highest CLs up.  Breaking the 5k barrier and then of course the 5 digit CL barrier.  Obviously do not apply for any more cards right now.  Use that AMEX CLI policy to get it to 6k hopefully in 61 days.  Towards later this year, you might consider another card or two, but then again maybe not.  Might be worth gardening for both the 61 day and 6 month AMEX CLI.  Why don't you look around and see what cards interest you in mean time.  Or if you give us what you are looking out of your cards, we can suggest some to look at for the future.

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Re: AMEX BCE and a general question

Thank you! that is what I thought as well... its MORE than enough. 

Of all those cards, Target gets the biggest workout.  I use my card to save the 5% then pay it off within days of using it.  The Barclay was opened to transfer a balance from HSBC for 18months of interest free.  I paid it off in 5 months.  I use it sparingly, and pif . (and since I'm a frontier frequent flyer, I like the extra miles)

My plan is to use the Amex card sparingly, but consistantly for the 61 days... pay it frequently like I do my Target card.  The use it as though it were my 'debit' card and PIF every month.  Cash rewards and building credit score!  The other cards sit in a jar on my desk...

After having not applied for ANYTHING for years, applying for my car, and then the amex were major steps for me.  I won't be asking for anything (other than the CLI we mentioned) for a long time!

Back in the garden!
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Re: AMEX BCE and a general question

I've come into this thread, bearing tidings of: +1 to what Crashem said.

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Re: AMEX BCE and a general question

Crashem wrote:

Yeah.  Just need to do it during this CLI period.  Once you hopefully get your full 3X CLI, you can pay PIF by due date instead of often.

Why is it good to pay your AmEx  card off often rather than just in full on the due date? Is this policy or based on anectodal evidence?

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