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AMEX CLI Denied :(

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Re: AMEX CLI Denied :(

DeadSpider wrote:

Do you have OTHER CC with balances ? Car loan ? New CC last few months ?

I have about $2,500 between 2 cards (0%) with Amazon and Rooms to go, nothing else on my other CC. I have an open auto loan that I got in April. I did get both AMEX 2 months ago and just got my Select card this month. I have a few INQ that will fall off in 3 months, so I will try again then.

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Re: AMEX CLI Denied :(

xiownthisplacex wrote:

I have only charged $180 total in the 2 months and paid before statement cut..

This is your problem. You've only used the card for 2 months and for an amount that's frankly miniscule. On top of that you're asking for a 3x CLI when you're barely using whatever CL you already have.



From the eyes of Amex:


1) You don't need a higher CL given how little you've used the card so far. If you were charging a lot and was close to your CL both months, then it might be another story.

2) You don't have an established enough history with them to ask for a 3x CLI, especially given your small spending. People who receive 3x CLIs often have decent CLs/scores to begin with, have previous history with them, and/or push decent amounts of money through the card. You're 0/3 here.


If you really want a 3x CLI, you'll need to use the card a lot more often in the next several months. If you do this and always PIF, you'll be in a better spot to ask for a CLI in 6-9 months.

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