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AMEX CLI denied!

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Re: AMEX CLI denied!

jffy wrote:

Just joined to report that I also just got denied a CLI request. I have 3 AMEX cards (5k, 5k, 10k), last one added a little over 6 months ago. I have 9 total cards with 65k total limits, 12% utilization, 6k balance on one 0% card, no late payments ever, and 782 on CreditKarma. 12k student loan debt. 


I've requested a few CLI's from AMEX in the past and always had them immediately accepted. I'd never asked for 3x my current limit though. This time, at 6.5 months since adding that last card, I requested a CLI from 10k to 25k. Immediately rejected with this message:



We were unable to approve the amount you requested.

Reason(s) for Our Decision
Your overall debt with other creditors listed in your credit bureau report and the credit limits on your American Express Cards in relation to your reported income.



It's a bummer. I guess I shouldn't have asked for so much, but I'd heard so much about the 3x standard and every other request had been immediately accepted, so I expected great things. 


Is it 3 months to wait before requesting again after a denial? Or 6 months?



It's 3 months after denial like previously said and you may also need to reduce your util before applying or else the outcome would most likely not change much.


Anyways Welcome to the Forum!!

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