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I called AMEX today to ask about when my annual fee that I paid when I opend my Skymiles CC would be credited to my Blue account (product change).  Then I asked them about the status of my CLI request when I hit the LUV button on Friday morning.
The gentleman said that my CLI request was still being processed and that I could call back on Monday morning and speak to that department about it.
My question is whether anyone has spoken to that department before, and if you had any success.  Any tips would be helpful.
I shot for the moon with my request.  Current CL $2000, asked for $10,000.  no worries about the FR, got everything ready.  Looking forward to it, if it happens!

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I just did the same thing....John I hit the luv button and when i called to find out the results, the rps told me to call monday......
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