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AMEX Check Your Spending Ability


Re: AMEX Check Your Spending Ability

ryanbush wrote:

asteroidblues86 wrote:

Just to see what would happen I put in an amount just above my limit on my revolver and it was approved. Then I put in a few way above and they would not go through.

you can go over the limit on your AMEX revolvers (like a Visa Signature).  the portion of your balance that is over your limit will be added to your minimum payment and due in Full by your payment due date.



Here's the wording from my Cardmember Agreement from my BCE:

"We may approve charges that cause your Account balance to go over your Credit Limit. If we do this, we will not charge an overlimit fee. If we ask you to promptly pay the amount of your Account balance above your Credit Limit, you agree to do so."

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