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AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

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AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

I am currently building my credit and recently started a job that requires extensive business traveling. My family member put me as an authorized user on their AMEX Delta Gold card to earn miles, but I found out that AU's can't link their own Delta Skymiles number to the card (thus, I can't get any of the perks like free checked bags or priority boarding). A woman at the airport told me to call AMEX and ask them to put my Skymiles number on a new AU card or ask them to upgrade to my own card. Is this even possible? I've never heard of someone calling AMEX and successfully going from AU to a normal credit card..

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

No it’s not possible.

AU’s can get free checked baggage if they are traveling on the same reservation as the primary card holder. This doesn’t even require being an AU though.

The only benefits to being an AU is access to the credit line, a card in your name, points/miles being accured on the spend and the account being reported to the credit agencies.

You would need to apply for your own card if you want any of the benefits of the Delta card.

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Okay yeah, that's what I thought..the woman (she was working at the baggage counter) must've told me to call AMEX because she didn't want to deal with my questions lol thank you!

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

OP what is your FICO score now?
How long have you been an AU?
Other cards you have in your name? How long?
Any lates in your credit file?
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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Sorry about this very late response!! This topic lost my attention because my job was only for the summer. However, I am returning for full-time employment in a month so I am concerned again. 


My FICO score has been at 659 (Experian) and 675 (Transunion) for the past year. It has stayed stagnant because I had a derogatory account in 2015 (opened by my family member) that I was unable to dispute off of my credit report.


I have 2 AU accounts (both with American Express). They were opened in May 2018.

I also have a Discover card that was opened in March 2018. It was secured, but upgraded to unsecured after 8 months.

I also have a Capitol One secured card that was opened in May 2018. The only thing that Capitol One has done is increase the credit limit.


Is there any chance of convincing Amex to upgrade me from an authorized user to my own card? I'm trying to get a Chase card eventually so I don't want to have to open a separate Amex card and reach 5/24.

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Unfortunately, no. AmEx wouldn't be able to make any "upgrades" from your AU card to your own card that way.

Check out the links that were provided earlier for the CAP to determine whether you are eligible for any offers via that channel. Just keep in mind that if you get approved, it will count as a new account on your CRs.

ETA - are you currently at 4/24?
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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Ok darn! Could you clarify what you mean by links for the CAP? 

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

On another thread, a couple of links were provided to get more perspective on the AmEx CAP.

But, if I understand what you've shared so far, even if you were to go through that program and eventually get an approval, it will take that slot in the 5/24 count.
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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Would you be able to link that thread? I can't seem to find it...

And yes, I am currently at 4/24 Smiley Sad 

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold Authorized User

Here's a link to your other thread that contains the posts with those links.
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