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AMEX Delta Gold


AMEX Delta Gold

After thinking about applying for this card for almost a year I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. I got an instant approval, I'm not sure on the credit limit yet. My equifax score was 726. I know they pull experian but I'm not sure on my score. I am 20 years old. No lates or neg info. I was wondering though if I should cancel my Discover card? June will be my 2 year anniversary with them and I have not received a cli yet. I also have a capital one card but it is my oldest account. I don't use it but I am planning on keeping it. Wow! I'm part of the AMEX family now Smiley Happy
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Re: AMEX Delta Gold

Congrats on the approval and welcome to the family!


There is no reason to cancel your discover card tho, just hold onto it. They are a great company to be in with and maybe one day they will give you a CLI, just sock drawer it and let it age if you don't wanna use it. Age will do nothing but help your scores.

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold



Congrats and let that baby age. Use the life outta your Amex and rack up points. I have the platinum and the companion tickets pay for the AF IMO.

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Re: AMEX Delta Gold

Congrats!  It's a great card.  The no charge for the first checked bag pays for the AF as well.  I fly Delta a lot (unfortunately) and it has worked out well for me.  

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