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AMEX Delta Offer - Website is Weird

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AMEX Delta Offer - Website is Weird

So, I got an offer from Delta to apply for a Gold Delta Amex and get 35,000 miles after spending $500.  Sounds like a pretty good deal, considering the current offer on the AMEX website is 10,000 miles with first purchase.  So, I logged into my account so that it pulls up my information automatically for the app and does a soft pull for approval, then I clicked the link in the email to open up the app.  It says that the offer is not available anymore.  I log out of my account and then click the link in the email and it loads the application.  This deal is good until August 19th.  I don't know what is going on.  I am trying to avoid a HP if declined, so I want to be signed in so that the system knows it is a current cardmember applying so it is a SP.  This is also a great way to add to my AAoA since AMEX will backdate.  Here is the link.  What do you guys think.  Should I just app while I am logged out?  Will the system automatically recognize that I am a current cardmember and just do the SP anyway?  Thanks guys.  Just seems like too good of a deal to let go by and I can get some real value out of the signup bonus alone, considering I already have 20,000 Sky Miles.

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Re: AMEX Delta Offer - Website is Weird

I thought if you were already an Amex card holder (and signed in when app'ing) you didn't qualify for bonus points etc. I thought the only way to attempt to accomplish this is by applying without signing in as a new  customer and having to take the HP..


Just my .02..


anywho..Good Luck if you apply!

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Re: AMEX Delta Offer - Website is Weird

Amex is having web site issues with some current cardholders applying for additional cards, especially cobranded ones. First, you can qualify for the bonuses while signed in, as long as you didn't have the card in the recent past or are PCing from another product. If you are applying for a new card, you should get the bonus. Second, you should really call and apply by phone. The offer hasn't expired, this is just the message that the computer bug is defaulting to. I spoke to someone in computer services for about an hour a few weeks ago when I ran in to problems applying for hilton surpass and she stated it could take weeks to correct the bug. Best bet is to call.

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Re: AMEX Delta Offer - Website is Weird

Can't comment on the website weirdness, but I also recently did the 35k mile bonus and they tried to rip me off with 30k. Luckily (from reading somewhere here), I made sure that I saved a screenshot of the application before I submitted it which clearly indicated the bonus and spend required. I sent them a message from my account online and also posted on Amex twitter. It was resolved within 24hrs with the extra 5k posted, I didn't even have to email them the proof I kept.


Funny thing is, that the 35k was based on $750 spend in 3mo. I was only at about $550 so far. Was going to spend the rest on an upcoming cell phone bill, but I guess I don't have to now Smiley Happy

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