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AMEX ED vs EDP: Downgrade? CLD?

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Re: AMEX ED vs EDP: Downgrade? CLD?

@Absolution16 wrote:



Between groceries and online shopping, excluding gas, I'd say between 1K to 2K, with $500 (considering the 6K annual cap) on groceries reached quite easily.


EDP has grossly high CL for my spend on groceries.  I don't "need" it that desperately, but I certainly don't want a CLD/AA/closure either.


2+% cards? I have a psudo-2% card in Apple Card.  I was searching around the forums about these 2+% cards to see what are out there.  If I were to get one, it needs to be No-AF, No-FTF.  Alliant and PenFed seem to have one of these, but I am reading a lot of negativity with these CUs.

Maybe transfer half your CL from EDP to BCE so your BCE utilization stays low. I wouldn't close it, and I'd keep more than $1k on ED/EDP since you might get a good spend or re-upgrade offer on EDP. Keep a few thousand there and use it once every six months or so.


FWIW, I'm not one to fret about the possibility of getting a CLD on a card getting little or no spend. Even with my credit staying healthy, the broader economy and lender risk appetites change. If it happens, it happens. Getting a new account with a big SUB is easy enough.

Personal spend: Amex Gold, Amex Schwab Plat., BofA PR+CCR(x2), Costco
Business use: Amex Bus. Plat., BBP, Lowes Amex AU, CFU AU
Perks: Delta Plat., United Explorer, IHG49, Hyatt, "Old SPG"
Mostly SD: Freedom Flex, Freedom, Arrival
Upgrade/Downgrade games: ED, BCE
SUB chasing: AA Platinum Select
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Re: AMEX ED vs EDP: Downgrade? CLD?



Thank you for the advice!

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