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AMEX Earn Points Site officially discontinued

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Re: AMEX Earn Points Site officially discontinued

FutureBillionaire wrote:

Open123 wrote:

jsickz32 wrote:
Didnt even know amex had such thing. Ive never use UR mall either. I like shopdiscover tho

Shopdiscover is one of the best portals, especially the 15% cashback on groupon.  I compare shopdiscover and the UR Mall.  If the same, I'll always opt for the UR Mall, since I value their points higher than Discover.

However, I have used my Amex for purchases on shopdiscover and received the cashback.

How does this work?  You're saying I can go through the Discover portal and get cashback on my discover card, but pay with my Amex?

Log onto to Discover, and click the shopdiscover link.  Make your purchase, but use your Amex instead of your Discover card.  The cashback is automated and the merchant will credit you the Discover cashback automatically.


The slight risk is if the merchant doesn't pay (Groupon for instance), then Discover won't help you; whereas, if you used the Discover card, they'll go investigate and request the merchant pay your cashback.


Unless it's Groupon (always use Discover for this), every Discover cashback purchased I've used with my Amex card has worked.

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