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AMEX FR after having my Zync for 2 Weeks

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Re: AMEX FR after having my Zync for 2 Weeks


In reading your posts, it seems like you are being a bully and flaunting your position of power just because you work for the IRS.  Please don't forget who pays your salary and you should be grateful (and humble) to have such a great paying job.  I wonder what your boss would say to you poking around public forums and picking on people when they're down.  


Re: AMEX FR after having my Zync for 2 Weeks





edens04 wrote:

07-02-2012 09:52 PM
I used the site before I got my job, and I will continue to use the site. And I'm not sure what hostility you are referring to other than me telling someone to be careful what they post in a PUBLIC forum, especially when they are defrauding the government!!! I have a life and a great paying job thank you very much. And thanks for the other site, I already have that one in my bookmarks though, but thanks anyways! If I was being hostile and a lurker as you put it I would have said I would be turning all this info into my boss on Monday. But I did not!

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Re: AMEX FR after having my Zync for 2 Weeks

llecs wrote:

I don't think edens04 pointed anything out wrong. I think we all have a duty of sorts to point out the obvious if any poster on here just doesn't understand or gets it. If I was doing something incorrect or wrong, and if you guys catch that and think I'm clueless, then I'd like to think you'd at least say something. IRS is no joke (as much as I'd like to say so out of fear of being audited). Just wanted to point this all out before going on a 30-CC app spree this afternoon. I hear that First Premier is a good CC to add to the mix.

Your right, helping another member grasp something theyre doing wrong is OK but that really should be done by PM and not trying to be a douchebag on a public forum. There's really no need for it.


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