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Have been an AMEX cardholder continuously since 1980 (31 years) and other than the initial application and what they can see on my credit report they don't have a clue as to my financials, whether I make $15,000 or $150,000 is unknown to them.......once you get history with them it boils down to your history with AMEX, not external factors.  Too many people trying to push too hard with AMEX, remember, slow and steady wins the race with this company.  You have to learn to be patient.  You can't achieve everything you want with this company in six months, a year, or even ten years.  It takes time, be patient.

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AGREED!   I am going through it now and I think it's terrible!  I've already SD'd it.  At this point, I've come to terms with my credit and know now that everything else comes with time.  I DETERMINE my self-worth and my credit is NOT an indication of that.  As such, I'm certainly not going to give that power to a business.  I think they immediately start digging into people's past and, after seeing the list of lines from that tax form, it would NOT surprise me if they go digging even farther back than that. Someone posted something referencing financial management and she or he was absolutely right.  We  DO NEED credit to a certain extent, but NOT to the point where it defines US.  While it may be considered a privilege to be a member of AMEX, I still have the RIGHT to VOLUNTARILY refuse access to that kind of information.  It's not THAT serious.

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I'm not sure why everyone is complaining so really is your decision whether you want to give up your info. Amex can't force you, but they will cancel your account if you don't comply. It's a business relationship...they want to make sure you are capable of paying back your debts to them so they can keep costs down and offer you the best benefits and customer service.

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