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AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

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AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

I just wanted to see everyone's opinions if any of these are truly worth it.

Or what you have to spend just to make them worth it.

I am preapproved for all 3. 




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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

The value of Platinum depends largely on how often you fly and whether you can use the airport lounges and other perks. Marriott and Hilton Gold don't mean much, at least at most domestic properties.


What is your home airport? Any favored airline? How often do you fly? Do you fly alone or with a companion?


Green is generally unimpressive. There are rumors it may be improved, but I'm not aware of anything concrete.


The value of Gold depends on how much you spend on the bonus categories, whether you can use the credits, and how you value MRs. If you were able to give a good answer to how you value MRs, though, you probably wouldn't need to start this thread.

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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

I agree with CB.


Green - meh.  Hopefully something comes out of the reset talk.


Platinum - How much do you travel?


Gold - maybe the one worth starting out IF you spend enough to offset that 250 AF (and aren't a heavy traveler abole to take advantage of the Plat benefits and offset that 550AF).


Really all depends on your situation and spending habits.



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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

Until it gets refreshed, I think the Green is almost useless. The Gold is loved by many, many people and seems to be a good value assuming you eat out and grocery shop a bit. At the end of the day, you just have to look at the rewards structure of each card and decide what would be most useful to you once the AF has been accounted for. Good luck! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you in the Approval board!

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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

I have two of the cards you are looking at, I can make both work for me due to my lifestyle.
The gold is more used than the platinum, all said and done the gold costs me around $30 per year after using the $120 food and $100 airline credit. I use it for grocery shopping and eating out both at 4x MR points which I am fairly heavily vested in.
The Plat is used for when I travel and currently the way things are this year will cost me around $200, I cannot seem to squeeze out the Uber credits.
Also Amex tends to use EX when it pulls your score, do you happen to know what that is?

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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

The Green is the basic card which offers no perks, my wife carries that card and she uses it The Gold is more for everyday shopping and restaurants etc. The Platinum is what I carry, if you don't do a large amount of travel then I don't recommend the card because of the annual fee.

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Re: AMEX Green, Gold and Platinum preapprovals

Platinum doesn’t make sense for most people. Only if you fly a lot.


Gold is a great card if youre a human being. (4x points for restaurants and grocery stores)


Green is a charming card for someone who just wants a charge card and doesn’t care about benefits. This card is also good for people who are bad with credit cards because it forces you to pay your balance every month. 

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