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AMEX Limited Edition Rose Gold Card

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Re: AMEX Limited Edition Rose Gold Card

as an "artist" I love they are supporting art.....MAYBE instead of pee yellow they actually put limited edition ART on the card, I might donate just for that....but alas MARKETING is asleep at the wheel at amex....LOL

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Re: AMEX Limited Edition Rose Gold Card

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@Anonymous wrote:

if it brings in customers, you can bet they will have more colors.


rust gold

cherry gold

berry gold

dusty gold

nostalgia gold

fools gold

To be fair, I think the rose gold looks really nice and is less flashy than the actual gold card.


Dibs on the fool gold. I'm a sucker for these thing Smiley Tongue .


What about a wider relaunch of the "Yellow Ball" Platinum?


"Amex Platinum Yellow: Not only is it hideous and reminiscent of urine, but after paying to attend our charity event, your card could easily be mistaken for a lower-tier Gold card."



I thought you were kidding LOL. This looks like someone photoshopped the word Platinum on the old plastic gold card.

As ugly as it is, color me impressed Amex managed to strike limited edition and vintage in one card. Smiley Very Happy


Since Amex doesn't mind their Platinum card being mistaken for the gold, I have high hope for a white gold card.

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