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AMEX Live Chat not working?

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AMEX Live Chat not working?

happy holidays everyone!


I have been having problems with the live chat feature-- as in its not there. I have tried 3 browsers: edge, chrome, and firefox.  And the live chat doesn't show up. Could this be just me? Do i need to do something with idk (java, flash, cookies...random computer words because I don't know anything about computers) the browser settings?

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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

I used the chat earlier today through Chrome.  Seemed to work fine.

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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

I am happy (and jealous) for you.  Here is Chrome. Within the "Chat With Us" box, there is supposed to be a button to initiate the chat.  But, as you can see, for me the button never appears.  Only the "I'm thinking" spinning circle appears. And this is same thing that happens in Edge and Firefox. It's like they don't want me to chat with them.


I hope others can chime in and help a not so computer savy person out lol.







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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

Sorry this is happening..Is this a laptop/computer or mobile phone?


A few things you can try one at a time, trying to chat again after each step:


#1 Close all browsers, restart your device

If no joy;

#2 clear cache'

#3 Restart your modem & router (just unplug for a few seconds, replug in and wait until it's done it's thing.) 

#4 Update Flash & java (this is likely not it but you never know)


See if any of the above fixes for you. 





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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

Only two things I can suggest (I did just check to make sure my account shows the Chat button where your spinning circle is) would be:


Try logging in to the old version of the Amex website using this link (chat button should be in bottom right of screen):


Or try opening up a New Incognito Window and logging into Amex.  If this one works it's either a cookie or browser settings (like add-ons) issue.

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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

My husband has had this same problem ever since opening his account a few months ago. Chat button still hasn't appeared on any device or browser. It seems to be the account. Is your account newer? I tried the link above to the old site and when you press contact customer care it directs you to the new site and no chat button. He tweeted them and they never responded , so he'll most likely just have to call but very frustrating.

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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

Happening to me as well. Chat doesn't work. I got approved for the Hilton Ascend card yesterday, and I just don't know the credit limit at all, the card doesn't even show up. I just want to know the credit limit...

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Re: AMEX Live Chat not working?

Dunno. Chat works fine for me just checked it. Using chrome. 

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