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AMEX Optima and backdating

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Re: AMEX Optima and backdating

Great news this morning....Just called Amex and I was able to change my backdating to 2006 and I'm getting new cards. I also asked about CLI and lady never mentioned about the 36 months lockdown restriction but I will wait for a month or two. She did offer to process the request but she couldn't confirm a soft pull.

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Re: AMEX Optima and backdating

Not to get too far off subject but.........

When you get an AMEX backdated, I understand that certainly helps your AAoA but my question is:

Does the CRA see this as a "new account" ? And lower your score?

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Re: AMEX Optima and backdating

I really don't know however I've done a application spreed in the past month with 4 new accounts including my auto refi with Navy fcu and have lost about 20 points from that so I'll see when I get a alert from equifax, time to hit the garden for a while. I'm curious to see if anyone with this credit card have apply for a CLI and whats the results. 

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