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AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

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Re: AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

Chris123nTx wrote:

maninder89 wrote:

I called AMEX yesterday to change my Gold Delta Skymiles to BCE as I realise I will not be doing much of air travel in coming 1-2 years and I didnt want to accumulate miles. As per the CS you can PC from a revolver to a non AF revolver any time but to PC to a AF revolver you need to wait 13 months. Its is due to the limitations the CARD act or some other law regarding how much AF they can charge in a year. CSR also told that you can not change from charge to revolver or vice versa. I thought I just let everyone know that PC with AMEX can be done before 13 months.

I am done with earning miles.. lets get some cashback now.. 

And I also got the smallest CLI on AMEX.. 2000 to 2200.. lol... My income on papers can not justify a bigger CLI right now. Waiting for Full Time to start. Next time maybe 6600... Smiley Tongue 

Oh yeah and myFico rocks.. and so do the members.. Keep Gardening and Growing Smiley Tongue 



I did the same with my delta. I dont remeber now if I had the gold or platnum, but dont travel anymore. I changed to the bcp , they kept my interest rate the same, which was a bit lower than the normal rate for the bcp at that time, and they bumped my cl from 10k to 20k. It was a good phone call. My bcp gets used all the time. It is my go to card, and racks up money rewards pretty easily. The yearly fee is easily paid for with reward dollars, and the rest is free money.

Is it possible to have the Platinum card then convert it to Gold? The AF is pretty high and I'm thinking I might have to do since I don't travel very frequently

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Re: AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

Hello... Yes you can PC From a Platinum Delta Card to a Gold because its a lower AF........Also i just PC'ed My Amex delta gold to a BCE since i have no use for the miles....believe it or not i was denied when applied for the BCE directly but i then applied for the delta gold and was appoved and PC'ed to BCE after only 2 weeks with the delta gold ...Amex is really wierd if ya ask me

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Re: AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

I was able to PC my Delta Gold to BCE within 3 days of activating my Delta Card.  I purposely applied for the Delta card since I kept getting declined for the BCE knowing I could PC to BCE.  It took me 2 minutes to PC yesterday and now today my BCE shows in my Amex account... Just call and ask if you can convert to BCP, worse they can say is no, but I bet you they will PC for you.

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Re: AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

so my question is, after I get my miles, can they take them away, I dont think they would be able too. cause they would already be in my Delta Account, and I have a Suntrust Check Card that is also connected to my Delta Account. 


I want to essentially get my delta miles 50k and then product change to a BCE. 


ive seen people have done this, but just wondering about my miles, lol 



*sorry for bringing it back from 3 months ago, didnt want to post a whole new thread. 

12/28/13 (Garden Start Date)

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Re: AMEX PC from Delta Skymiles to BCE

I've confirmed with delta that once the miles are in my skymiles account they stay there, after I get my 50k miles I will PC for a BCE (hopefully they say yes I'll even take the bcp) also should I try and PC after my 61days. I've seen people of 2-3 days after getting the delta and up to a couple weeks, I just wonder if that influenced there 61day CLI.

12/28/13 (Garden Start Date)

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