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AMEX Platinum and Rent

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AMEX Platinum and Rent

I recently got the AMEX Platinum. My apartment uses “Welcome Home” and that does allow acceptance of credit cards. There’s a small fee but I don’t mind while I use it to get the SUB. Will AMEX have a problem with me paying my rent with the Amex Platinum and meet the MSR with it? Thanks!

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Re: AMEX Platinum and Rent

You should probably be okay. I've heard of cases where someone has used something more generic like PayPal (which I assume is more vulnerable to MS abuse), and Amex has asked to see the lease agreement.

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Re: AMEX Platinum and Rent

PayPal however was specifically known to be a trigger with AMEX, although the 2 parties along with Venmo very recently came to an agreement that in part will allow cardholders to send payments through PayPal directly from the AMEX app.  In this particular case the transactions would be through the online portal of an established 3rd party property management company whose services include a fee-based rent collection service for subscribed property owners.  Since these wouldn't be transactions through the cardholder's or close relatives small business I think the odds of AMEX having a snit here are pretty nonexistent.


One other consideration is whether or not the Welcome Home tenant portal accepts cards using the AMEX payment network but that's not related to the question posed.




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Re: AMEX Platinum and Rent

Thank you!  It does have the AMEX logo, along with VISA, MasterCard, and Discover on the payment page.  I could use the PayPal Key but that sounds like using the AMEX directly would probably have less of an issue.

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Re: AMEX Platinum and Rent

I've paid my rent with mine for nearly 2 years.  No problems yet.

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