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AMEX Question

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Re: AMEX Question

My I ask how long ago the CO was ?


I have a sistuation where I had a green card back in 1992, then upgraded to gold in 1994, all **** hit the fan and had ruined my credit, badly.  Had AMEX charged off for about 7k I think, it might have been less.


Never any contact, ever....  Not even with collection companies.


Of course life is way different today.  Lots of good cards and limits.


I am almost ready to apply once all my existing new accounts hit 1 year, which will be in March 2013.


I am wondering if they will "find" me in the system from 1994 ?


And, what gain, if any will it do for me, I were to pay pack the CO.  I have the money now to pay it now a days.


Is AMEX really worth it.  Due to erasing my credit file(letting time clean it up), my AAoA is so so so low, can AMEX really help if I were to get an account backed dated over 20 years ?


Thank you for any input...



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Re: AMEX Question

My CO was from 2005.
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Re: AMEX Question

I am helping a family member with a similar situation.  I called Amex on his behalf (called 800-700-7619),  According to the backdoor numbers thread located on this forum this is the reserves department that handles closed accounts.  Spoke with a very nice lady.  Gave her the SSN and she pulled it right up.  Account was settled for less than owed in the early 1990's.  Gave me the exact amount owed ($2k) and told me that after a payment is made I will be in a good position to apply for a new card.


She stated that Amex updates accounts like this one on the 8th of every month.  She said my account will reflect the payment 2 days after the 8th.  My family member is planning to pay the amount owed at the end of the year.  Will keep everyone updated.  Hope this helps.

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Re: AMEX Question

You may find my thread helpful... I had a AMEX CO in 2007 and was able to get back in 


AMEX Optima/Oasis


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Re: AMEX Question

UPDATE:  I sent AMEX the check for the balance of the CO from 2005, and the check has cleared my bank account.  I'm still waiting for the confirmation letter.  If I don't get one by early December I will call the backdoor number again and check the status.


I also requested my CR from Teletrack last week which I should receive in the mail shortly.  I understand that AMEX sometimes uses this report to calculate their in-house score.  I'm going to compare the Teletrack report against the reports I pulled from the 3 CRAs this month and call Teletrack back to correct any mistakes.  I read Teletrack doesn't update their reports as frequently as the big 3 CRAs, so baddies may be on there which should be removed.


Once I have some sort of confirmation the CO is in good standing and the Teletrack report looks good/similar to my other CRs, I am going to move forward with apping for an AMEX card.  I read in the Optima/Oasis thread that I should wait 3 months, but I think if everything looks good I can app before the end of the year.


On a side note, one of the reports has an INQ from AMEX in 2010 for the Costco card.  I would think if I was blacklisted the app wouldn't have been a HP?  Or, because this was a co-branded product with Costco it goes through a different review process?

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Re: AMEX Question

MORE UPDATES:  The Teletrack CR was waiting for me in the mail when I got home from work, clean as a whistle.  The only thing on it was the AMEX HP for the Costco card I applied for in Dec 2010.  Of course I was denied the card at that time because I was still in the process of cleaning up my CR.  But I'm wondering if I had been blacklisted for the CO if they would have just SP me and not done the HP.  If someone knows let me know.

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Re: AMEX Question

Wow, today has been insane!  So I called the AMEX backdoor number to see the status of my account since I paid the balance of the CO.  They said my account had been updated to PIF.  I went to lunch, came back and decided to apply for the Green.


And...BAM!  Approved for the Green instantly!  So I decided to open another browser and try for the AMEX BCE.  Went all the way through and got the 7-10 pending verification message.  Bummer.


I went back to check the application status, and BAMARAMA!!!  BCE APPROVED!  HOLY S#!%!!!!!  I am on cloud 11 right now!  I need to call AMEX to get more info!  But I want to thank this forum for guiding me and all the advice, I couldn't have done it without everyone here!!!

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Re: AMEX Question

Wow! Congrats on your success with AmEx!

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Re: AMEX Question

WTH Smiley Surprised Congrats!


Amex BCE..... Best of the best.

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Re: AMEX Question

I was surprised as you. AMEX is giving me a second chance, with an awesome card, I really can't believe it.
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