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AMEX Question...

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Re: AMEX Question...

If you bought your score here, it will probably mention your util under this heading:

It should look something like:

How does the util compare between your FICO scores from this site and your actual calculated util?
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Re: AMEX Question...

CHARGE_IT wrote:

When you write this, I always get pleasure to point out that TU is much higher than my other scores and all things being equal, those extra points must be coming from the reportage of a very large sum of money spent  each month. Maybe if I spend more, it will go even higher.


(don't try this at home)



haulingthescoreup wrote:
I appreciate athensguy taking the first bullet on this one, because I always get yelled at when I post this: with the scores that are currently available on myFICO, EQ and EX ignore AmEx charge cards, but the TU version still used here (as provided by TransUnion), AmEx charge cards are factored into util on the TU score. This info is from a very good authority. *heads under dining room table again to wait for the posts to the contrary*

And there are some Signature (Visa) and World (MC) cards that do report like normal cards. My USAA World MC reports properly, which is good, as I would hate to lose that $27K from my total CL.


C_I, I'm not challenging you, because I've seen so many contradictory reports from members who obviously know what they're talking about.

What's the highest balance on your AmEx card? If it's high enough, that's what's being calculated as your CL, and that would help.

For those a lot braver than I, this is the work-around on cards that normally don't report CL's: grit your teeth, charge near the limit, pay it off immediately, and let that high balance become your reported CL. With cards other than AmEx, you don't have to let the balance post: the CCC will report the intra-cycle balance. AmEx unfortunately only reports the highest balance ever shown on a statement as the balance due. This made me crazy, considering the number of times I ran my Gold up into the thousands, and yet to this day, the highest balance shows as $64.
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