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I can go over my fair share during my apping process w/ AMEX, I was literally on the phone just about everyday trying to talk to different analysts for recon, no luck.  I've apped close to 10times within 6months range with constant denials.  It was just best for me to wait until my scores went up a bit, then i got an offer through the mail for the Green and jumped on it and ba'am, instant approval.  Like enharu said, AMEX seems to rarely turnover their initial decision...they're pretty tough to crack. 

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millenion wrote:

Recently apped for the Amex BCP there was a special bonus offer for $250 instead of the usual 150 through credit Got an instant denial I'm assuming too many inquires because I apped for 2 other cards a week earlier. My AAoA is about 1-2 years no baddies. Is it possible to do a recon when I get the denial letter in the mail or AMEX's decisons are final?

Amex has super advanced systems, which takes into various factors before making any decisions. It's really very hard to go against their initial decision, unless there is a error/ an issue that has been corrected in the CB they pulled.



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