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AMEX SUB rules?

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AMEX SUB rules?

Please move if not in the correct spot.


With Amex, is there a way to see in your account the SUB offer you apped with?

I didn't screen shot it, which is my bad, but none of my paperwork or account information said anything about the bonus. 

Also, I believe I have read here before that SUB spending is 3 months after account opening, not 3 statements, correct?


Sorry if this has been answered, I couldn't seem to find an answer by searching the forums. 

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Re: AMEX SUB rules?

SUB does not show up in the account, but a CSR should be able to see the offer and tell you the date you must complete the spend.

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Re: AMEX SUB rules?

I use the AmEx app message to check in on my SUB offers and status. Makes it easy peasy if I’m too busy to call. 

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Re: AMEX SUB rules?

Use the online chat option and you can screenshot the messages when the CSR confirms which offer you have. 

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Re: AMEX SUB rules?

Thank you guys!!

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Re: AMEX SUB rules?

It would be nice to have SUB info on the website, but the Amex web site is really world class!


So my OBC shows:


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11/24/16 - 11/23/17
I asked about that several times and was told (in Nov) it will update in the next few days.   Still showing that at the end of Feb 18.   Either don't show it, or keep it up to date!  
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