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AMEX Zync denied on spending ability

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Re: AMEX Zync denied on spending ability

CHARGE_IT wrote:

No FR, but what would you think if you were the bank. It isn't a toy. It isn't like the Fico......see how much your score may go up meter.


In answer to your question; I use it on one or two of there cards once or twice a year when I am actually going to use it. The last time , thie past Sept., I was going to buy two new computers and some odds and ends. Not know what the odds and ends would cost, I added about five hundred to the amount I was using for the computers. You see, to them I was actually making that purchase and there system treated it as such.

Later that evening when a charge for about three hundred less than projected ran through, it took a second for approval. It is a good feeling to have that service. Banks are funny. Spending a few thousand every now and then gets there attention; but checking for approval on your own also gets there attention. It spells r e s p o n s i b l e.


So take it seriously and don't play with it. To serve your curiousity, I would suggest no more than three or four times a years. (I am sure they have that factored in)


Good Fortune,


Nice post.

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Re: AMEX Zync denied on spending ability

the fact that it took a little while to approve your transaction doesn't mean anything, its a computer system, it does not think as a human being , by that i mean, it wouldn't think like"well, let me check what this person is buying, oh, ok, it's not a fraud or anything, i will approve it, sorry for the wait".... Smiley Happy


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