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AMEX after BK- what are my chances?

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Re: AMEX after BK- what are my chances?

Thanks all for the replies. I probably will hold off on them for a few more years then until the bk falls off. 5 years down, 5 to go lol.

In the meantime I'll enjoy my shiny new NFCU cash rewards that just arrived yesterday Smiley Happy

Chase Sapphire Reserve 10k Cap 1 QS 15K, Cap 1 QS 5K, Cap 1 QS 4K, Cap 1 QS 4K, GE Care Cr 7K NFCU Cash Rewards 10K Walmart 1.3K NavCheck 5K Freedom 6K Freedom 2.5K Hyatt 4K Sallie Mae 5K Barclay Rewards 3K Macy's 1K
US Airways 1.5K, Discover 8K,
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Re: AMEX after BK- what are my chances?

@visorboy1974 wrote:

I'd say don't even try before 8 years...

This. Don't waste the INQ.

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