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AMEX and backdating

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AMEX and backdating

I had two AMEX cards both opened in 1995, one each charge and revolver.  In 2009 both had a zero balance and when I missed two mortgage payments they felt compelled to close both accounts.  I do have a company provided AMEX Corporate card in my name (or however it works, both mine and company name on card) and that date is also (unbelievably) 2009.


If I app'd for AMEX at this point, knowing they personally shut me down almost four years ago but professionally carry the Corpo card, would I be likely to get a card backdated to 1995?

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Re: AMEX and backdating

If you apply now, you probably won't get backdated right away (your first card will probably be printed as 2012). You have to call AMEX and let them dig through the record.

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Re: AMEX and backdating

Yes, you will get backdated if you are approved.They have you on record ( In my case they closed my card in 2009 and when i got my new one it was backdated to 2001)

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Re: AMEX and backdating

From everything I have seen, you will for sure be backdated. Especially if the accounts were closed in otherwise good standing.

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