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AMEX backdate question


AMEX backdate question

Hi everyone, I had a quick question.  Been seeing a lot of posts about AMEX backdating and it got me thinking...


I have a AMEX through USAA, and on the card it says member since 2012. 


Now, this obviosuly isnt one of the AMEX cards you can get diretly through AMEX, like I cannot register my card on the AMEX offiicial site or nothing like that.  My question is, lets say next year I get a card through the official AMEX website, will that card say my membership starts in that year, or will it say 2012 since I technically do have a AMEX right now, or do they not count that?


Just looking for some feedback on that, thanks everyone. 

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Re: AMEX backdate question

No, You can only backdate to a card issued by AMEX. 

The USAA just uses the AMEX network, and will not count. 


Hope that helps. 

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Re: AMEX backdate question

Your USAA Amex won't factor in any backdating of future cards issued by Amex. If you get an Amex from Amex next year, it will say member since "next year," not when you got your USAA.

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Re: AMEX backdate question

Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for. 

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