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AMEX backdating question

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Re: AMEX backdating question

Update....just wanted to update my AMEX backdating situation for those of you who may have a smiliar situation. I sent a secure message to AMEX about backdating my new AU on a personal card to my Member since date of 2009 that I have on my corporate Platinum card. Here is the response I received from them:




Welcome to American Express family.

As per your request, I have immediately submitted a request to make the correction for the 'Member Since Date' on your Card ending in " " . Following actions will be taken on your Card account:

- You will receive the new Card in 9-12 business days with the correct 'Member Since Date'. The account number will not change.
- New Card may have a different expiration date.

We recommend that you notify any Merchants who automatically bill your account, to provide them with the new expiration date.

You may continue to use your existing Card until you receive the new Card. Please remember to call and activate your new Card when you receive it.

I hope my efforts meet your approval.

Thank you for making American Express the card of your choice.


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Re: AMEX backdating question

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