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AMEX everyday cash preferred question


Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

@avogadro12 wrote:

Kroger gas statons only net 1%. At least in my neighborhood they do. I am pretty sure it specifically states in the TOC that gas stations located in supermarkets do not count. 



I can confirm this (at least for my own location); I get 6% back for all Kroger in-store purchases using my BCP,  but at the pump I don't get the grocery or gas bonus, just the flat 1% 'everywhere' reward.


Until I had a better option, I would purchase a Kroger store GC inside the grocery store using my BCP and use that to purchase gas at the pump, effectively earning 6% back for gas.  It does add an extra step (as soon as I got a 5% option for gas I switched) but it's workable. 


FWIW, the pump will be able to tell how much is on the GC prior to pumping, so there's none of the 'hold' stuff to worry about like with a V/MC gift card.  (This also works well for those people who don't like to use a credit card at the pump.)

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

Do not, repeat do not, drive all the way over to Whole Foods just to get 6% cash back on your purchases.  The prices on the products at Whole Foods are usually at least 6%, sometimes 10% higher, than they are at other grocery stores.  So you will lose money overall, despite the cash back, if you shop at Whole Foods.  Only shop at Whole Foods if you want a large selection of organic produce, pastured meats, and non-GMO products.

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

My experience with AMEX categories and Kroger ( Fred Meyer ) is no Grocery or Gas categories ever. This is on cards like Hilton, and EDP, although it has been a while since I tested it due to the long wait time ( forget time ) to check the coding.

Or maybe I did check it on PRG but still no bonus category so no change to my bitterness Smiley Wink
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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

I can’t speak about Kroger gas but Kroger does earn the extra points for groceries on my PRG and ED.

This is in Ohio where they are actual kroger’s

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Re: AMEX everyday cash preferred question

I've been observing this and kroger fuel just give 1% on fuel. better use GC from grocery for 6% CB. I also just learned that buying gcs from kroger can give you 6% on dining in restos and in transactions in amazon or ebay, or when buying in best buy, tjmaxx kohls. basically  everything that has gc can, you can get 6% cashback

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