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AMEX in cahoots with GEMB?

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Re: AMEX in cahoots with GEMB?

The Lowe's card is GEMB, and Home Depot is Citi. (Not that they're princes...) A Lowe's employee told me that their contractors go crazy because charges and payments are so slow to post.

My J.Crew card is WFN. I've spent the last three months trying to get it to show as being currently used. The CSR's keep telling me that they report every Friday, but that the CRA's take 60-90 days to post, uh huh. (Everything else posts within a week max.) I charged something once, but I paid it off too quickly, and it never reported. So I finally charged something else, paid it down to 9%, and disputed with all three CRA's as incorrect balance --they were still showing $0 from a year ago. And waited. All three updated to current, and EQ and EX have the $45 balance. TU doesn't, but at least they're showing current. Paid the $45 off 10 minutes after I got the dispute verification e-mail from TU, and the card is in the sock drawer, where it's going to remain.

BTW, they told me that they don't do a statement unless there's a balance, and even then, it takes 3-4 weeks to show. Someone could get an awful lot of cashmere in the meantime. Well, $500 worth, anyway! Smiley Happy
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Re: AMEX in cahoots with GEMB?

this is VERY, VERY sad---my beloved Amex getting into bed with the Devil - GEMB!
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Re: AMEX in cahoots with GEMB?

Amex is on a co-branding spree!!  HSBC and GEMB whats next!
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