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AMEX is skirting the law....

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Re: AMEX is skirting the law....

Cyrion wrote:


But I'm not going to wait until I have the exact money to purchase whatever it happens to be that I want or need at the moment, I will buy it and pay it off as I have always done, whether it is a PIF or some number of monthly payments.

I understand what you're saying, but keep in mind that there are better options than revolving a CC balance. For example, your local credit union will lend you money against your CDs & share savings accounts for just a couple of points over the rate that you're earning on your deposits. There's no credit check (not surprising - they're holding your money), approval is immediate & some CUs allow you to pay only interest for the term of the loan. When I have to borrow, this is how I do it.


Credit cards are just about the worst source of credit in the galaxy this side of a loan shark. Use CCs for the sake of convenience (& rewards), but look elsewhere for credit.

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Re: AMEX is skirting the law....

usmc58555 wrote:

writemikep wrote:

Exactly. I think a lot of people assumed that the entire monthly payment would be applied in a certain way.


I'm sure the credit issuers will take full advantage of all the benefits accorded them under the new law.

I think they would be stupid not to.


A publicly held company has the fiduciary duty to be as profitable as possible.


I was being a little sarcastic.  I don't think most consumers think the new laws give 'benefits' to the credit issuers.

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Re: AMEX is skirting the law....

LustForTheMoment wrote:

boireann wrote:
Very tricky way of splitting hairs within the letter of the law.   They've definitely found a way to keep making money off of those who don't PIF.  Sneaky sneaky. 


All the MORE reason to only PIF Smiley Happy


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