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AMEX matches yes or no?

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Re: AMEX matches yes or no?

I think prequalification is based on Amex' beliefs about your income and lifestyle, NOT your credit. I could be wrong.


In my limited experience, being prequalified for a card has no bearing for whether I'm approved, it just may give a better SUB offer.


However, if you click to apply for a card when logged in, if it says "you're preapproved!", that seems solid.


I didn't attempt this until I already had a corporate card set up, so I don't know how it works if you don't have an Amex card yet. But long story short, "prequalified" is unrelated to whether you'll be approved, "preapproved" is pretty reliable. JMO, good luck!

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Re: AMEX matches yes or no?

Prequalified simply means you meet some basic combination of income, score, and profile that falls into the “acceptable” zone on the bell curve of their potential customer data. It is not binding and you can be declined if things don’t shake out to the liking of the lender. Being preapproved means that you’ve satisfied their requirements and is a firm offer for credit, which they must extend if you accept the terms, unless something in your reports has changed to the detriment of your profile and removed you as a viable customer based on the lender’s standards and metrics.

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