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AMEX messed up.

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AMEX messed up.

I just got my Delta card in the mail today. Everything is great except that they ignored the skymiles account number that I entered into the app and instead assigned me a new one. It's already updated on my account, but the csr said that I'd have to call back on the 17th (10 days) to get a new card issued. I guess it's not too big of a deal, but its somewhat of an inconvenience. Anybody else had this issue?

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Re: AMEX messed up.

Happened with my SPG. They had to merge my accounts.

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Re: AMEX messed up.

yeah you'll probably have to merge the account through delta also, my dad has two amex skymiles (personal and delta) it's literally been a month and I'm still trying to get them merged

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Re: AMEX messed up.

Yeah, I wound up with two accounts due to my own error, but it was easy enough to merge the two on Delta's site. It took less than 24 hours, certainly not a month.

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