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AMEX pre-approval site

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Re: AMEX pre-approval site

With zero baddies you have a decent chance. Personally I'd be more worried to just get your foot in the door first. Baby steps. You can always call and ask if you should apply for Costco and you get denied if they'd consider you for another product. With 6 months of quality reporting under your belt with AMEX your chances can only go up. How many inquiries do you have currently?
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Re: AMEX pre-approval site

4 mortgage, 1 Amex from March, Citi and Macy's (reopened from '01) in Dec '09.  All from my experian report


When they pull my credit do they look at the ones from '09? Or do they only consider the ones within a year.  I don't plan on applying until mid December Or early January.

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Re: AMEX pre-approval site

Mine were more recent and I had 3-4. I doubt they will really care about inq more than a year old. Honeslty IMO Your app looks good. They like higher salary from what I've heard. I think you have a good shot but call them to apply.
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