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AMEX "High Balance" calculation?


AMEX "High Balance" calculation?

I have a new AMEX Gold account.  In December I was required to make a mid month payment in order to avoid charging suspension.  The payment was ~ $850.  Then I had another $557 due at statement end of month. 


When AMEX reported, they reported $557 as my high balance and my balance.  But before I made the $850 payment I had a balance above $1000.  Does AMEX only report the actual end of statement balance and disregard any mid-month high balances?



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Re: AMEX "High Balance" calculation?

Correct. Your High Balance is your highest STATEMENT BALANCE..........

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Re: AMEX "High Balance" calculation?



I guess I should have waited till tomorrow to PIF my account then.  I had a nearly $2100 balance, but I paid it last night.  Today is statement closing date, so I guess I'll continue to show $557.


Thanks for the info.

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