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AOD card controls and billing?

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Re: AOD card controls and billing?

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I definitely think you have to keep in mind it's a small CU who probably isn't going to have the resources to make a beautiful fully functional app or website. Many regional CUs have pretty basic website/app functionality. It's one of the concessions you make dealing with a smaller company. And like CC said honestly it seems like a first world problem anyway. As much as time as we spend on this forum it should be no more difficult to just check your accounts as often as you want. 

Like I said you have no liability for fraud anyway and it's not like you don't check your accounts, so while card control and notification features are nice, I don't see why it's such a must have to the point of basically abandoning a card you just got. 

Saeren was talking about a very minor type of SDing!  He will unlock and use it on transactions where he doesn't have 3% or better, just not on recurring ones.    And for some dealing with fraud has additional issues

Thank you for being the only one who actually gets it. 

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